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Scavenger Hunt/Giveaway: Margaret from Maine by Joseph Monninger

We are stop #5 on the MARGARET FROM MAINE Scavenger Hunt. If you haven’t read Parts I, II, III, or IV, visit those first. I promise you won’t want to miss how Margaret and Charlie met.

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Title: Margaret from Maine
Publisher: Plume (Penguin)
Release date: December 24, 2012
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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The end of Maine Guardsman Sgt. Thomas Kennedy’s conscious life is ushered in by a flash of light on a plain in Afghanistan. While he languishes in a veterans’ hospital, Thomas’s devoted wife, Margaret, is raising their son on a dairy farm in rural Maine. She receives an invitation to Washington, DC, to meet the President of the United States as he signs a bill in support of wounded veterans with war veteran and West Point graduate Charlie King as her appointed escort. Charlie and Margaret’s shared circumstances inspire them to confide in one another. Suddenly, the pair creates a private world all their own, leaving the effects of war behind them. Margaret’s vows to her husband linger, raising a series of harrowing choice.

Scavenger Hunt
Part #5
“So you grew up in Iowa?” she asked, partially to rid her- self of political thoughts. “I saw it on your bio sheet. You must have felt right at home on our farm this morning.”
“I grew up in farm country, but we weren’t farmers. My mom and dad are both teachers at the high school near Carroll. That’s in the center of the state. I had a pretty average upbringing.”
“And you got an appointment to West Point?”
“I did. I don’t want you to think I was some sort of born soldier, though. It was one of the best ways to pay for school. I would have done National Guard if I hadn’t received an appointment to West Point. I’m just cheap.”
“And you served . . . ?” “In Iraq.”
“I read that,” Margaret said. “Three tours. And is your brother still alive?”
He nodded.
“Yes, still. He has pretty good care. Ups and downs. You know how that is, I’m sure.”
He smiled. Margaret smiled back at him. For an instant, just an instant, she felt a ridiculous, nearly forgotten flirtatiousness rise up in her. How strange, she thought. How absurd and how ill timed. She would have given a great deal to have her friend Blake beside her, if for nothing except to verify that his gaze actually contained interest. Sexual interest. She felt her face flush and she became aware of her body, of his opposite maleness, of the pleasure of talking to a man. How long had it been? She could not say precisely. She did not even permit herself to think of it, to believe fully that such a thing was happening, but she could not dispute the warmth and attrac- tion of his eyes. She nearly blurted out her feeling because it came as such a surprise she could not take it seriously. She wondered if he felt the same thing. At any moment she imagined they would both burst out laughing, except his eyes remained on hers and in a pulse, maybe two, she understood that his interest was genuine.

Scavenger Hunt: To read the next part of the story, visit tomorrow Musings of a Blogder, Saturday, March 2nd. Each day of the tour will reveal the next installment of Margaret and Charlie’s story.

About the Author

Joseph Monninger is the author of Eternal on the Water and The World as We Know It, as well as several award-winning young-adult novels. A professor of English literature, he lives in New Hampshire. Visit him online at
Social Media links:
Twitter: @joemonninger

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