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Author Guest Post: Kindred - Night School:Vampire Hunter Novella #2 by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

Not Just a Book Blog, But An Experience
Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

I have been asked the question why did you begin IndieWritersreview? The answer is simple. I love those who go after their dreams. The Mavericks.
The Beginning

I will start at the beginning, there may be many who are not aware of IndieWritersReview. Well, I say that it is a haven for the Indie Author/Artists. I began this blog in January 2011. During that point, I was extremely new to on-line social media, and virtually knew nothing about blogging. I barely knew what the term meant. But I knew there was a vibrant community of authors out there, and I also knew it was a struggle to get their voices heard and their books read. It required a lot of hustle. I wanted to help.

 I needed to get into the flow, I had a lot of help from fellow bloggers who assisted me in what the best platform for my blog would be, I was directed towards tour companies and I was informed that signing up to host tours would throw me right into the fray, and allow me to learn fast what I needed to do to be a book blogger.
So I did. When I began the blog, I did not know how to lay out a post, how to host an author interview, I was clueless. But I remember my very first feature was the fabulous award winning Author Rain Thomas, and I was so green I did not know how to lay out her cover photos, ,lol. It was hilarious, when I sent the post for her to review, Ms. Thomas (And was extremely gracious) helped me quite a bit with the correct format, and for that I will always be grateful.
I remember setting up my first giveaway, I had to follow up with several bloggers and ask their help in exactly what to do. I did not even know what a Rafflecopter was, but I learned. Great people helped me and so I wanted to make it the best place I could make it.

The Caring and Sharing

I wanted IndieWritersReview to be a place that an author could submit their material and know that they will be treated with warmth and caring, because I truly understand it is not easy to place your creation and self out in front of an audience.
I also designed IndieWritersReview to be more of a showcase, in the mindset of the old (Okay, I am dating myself now Entertainment Tonight or these other entertainment behind the scenes shows). Well, that was what I wanted my blog to be, not simply a book review site. But a Showcase!

My Reviews, My Way

I also have had questions that wonder why I seem to give only 5-star review. The answer is simple; because that is my honest opinion of the work.

I will review all that is submitted to me, even though it might take awhile for me to get through my tbr list. I WILL get to the title, now I know that I will NOT like all that I read. Because well, we are individuals and some subjects may not be my cup of tea. I will NEVER judge a book on the fact that the subject does not interest me. Now if there is a reason I find the book challenging, what my policy will be, is to discuss the situation with the author in private. 

Those reviews will not be aired (unless author request that it is displayed), I feel that the author would appreciate this more. Actually this was done for me regarding one of my books; the blogger had some challenges with the read and thus spoke to me privately regarding it so that I would have the opportunity to correct the situation.
I will always be grateful for that. I see it as we are all learning, and in my opinion, we   are here to help and not hinder. That is how I attempt to run my blog.

The Curtain Closes

Again, it is not simply a book review site, but a showcase for the Indie celebrities

I am also very fond of music, and I was fortunate to team up with a fellow author and music lover Jamie B Musings my co-host and I have extended the IndieWritersReview spirit to on-line radio in IndieReview Behind The Scenes! I believe this allows a deeper level of getting to know an author and artist. Being able to hear them, I believe brings a connection.

All these avenues (and you never know, maybe there will be video one day) But all of this is to offer a platform for the Independent creator. This is their chance to shine, and I am always so grateful when an author or musician entrust their creation with myself at IndieWritersReview or our team at IndieReview Behind The Scenes. I see it as an honor.


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About the Author

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is a YA Paranormal Author.
Her titles: Reahket (Co-written with Author Danny Jones)
Michelle is also the author of the YA novella series Night School Vampire Hunter trilogy.

Series includes:
Night School Vampire Hunter novella #1 Released date March 2012
Kindred (A Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy novella) #2 Released date November 2012
Redemption (A Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy novella) #3 Released date spring 2013

Works –In-Progress
Chrysalis (Full Length) Released date spring 2013
Hunters Series novellas Released date summer 2013
Ame Academy’s Paranormal novella series summer 2013

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is also the producer of the online radio segment IndieReview Behind The Scenes, where she and her co-host Jamie B Musings interviews Indie Authors and Musicians.

Contact Info
Michelle Cornwell-Jordan’s website

Contact regarding the Hunters Series Fan Club

Twitter handle

Author FaceBook page


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