Saturday, April 6, 2013

#A to Z Challenge - F - Giveaway - Fortunes of Love by Jessica Steel

Eden Glening-Smith's brother Thomas wants to marry a young woman Carmilla Rodgers but her guardian Sterne Parnell thinks Thomas is after Carmilla's money.

Sterne forbids the marriage, but Thomas and Carmilla elope, but they run out of money.

Sterne makes Eden promise if she hears from them she will tell him.

Eden does hear from them, she gets some cloths together to take to them and then to keep her word she telephones Sterne and lets him know she heard from them.

But when she gets to her car, she has a flat tire, before she can change it Sterne shows up, he changes the tire, and he sees the bags she has packed. He follows Eden, in her atempt ot try to loose Sterne is very funny. but in the end they end up at a hotel, and she signs in as Ms Smith.

Then Eden puts in a call to be awaken early so she can get away from Sterne, only he puts in a call to be awaken 10 min earlier than her.

This funny little piece doesn't last long, because Thomas and Carmilla are involved in a car accident.

And their young lives hang by a thread. Eden blames Sterne, for the accident and she hates him. but she lives with him in the cottage Thomas and Carmilla stayed in.

Soon they learn about each other and they find each other not as bad as they thought.

This is a good book, for writers like Ms Steele, try Rebecca Winters, and Helen Brooks, for better get Susan Fox.
But get out your crying towel

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