Monday, April 15, 2013

#A to Z Challenge - M - Giveaway - Meant to Marry by Robyn Donald

GoodReads Synopsis

Olivia Nicholls and the two half-sisters Anet and Jan Carruthers are all born survivors—but, so far, unlucky in love. Things change, however, when an eighteenth-century miniature portrait of a beautiful and mysterious young woman passes into each of their hands. It may be coincidence, it may not! The portrait is meant to be a charm to bring love to the lives of those who possess it— but there is one condition:

I found Love as you’ll find yours,
and trust it will be true,
This Portrait is a fated charm
To speed your Love to you.
But if you be not Fortune’s Fool
Once your Heart’s Desire is nigh,
Pass on my likeness as Cupid’s Tool
Or your Love will fade and die.

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