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Author Intervew/Giveaway: Returned by Keeley Smith

Little blurb about yourself:
I’m a 26 year old book nerd. I love reading and writing, when I’m not doing something book related, I watch films and spend time with family and friends. I also love making cards, invitations and jewellery. I live in a small part of Yorkshire in the UK.

Who or what inspired you to become a writer?
My main inspiration comes from my love of stories. For me, escapism is the key. I couldn’t possibly live in reality for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s good to get away with your favourite characters.

How long did it take you to write Returned?
It took me a long time. I started writing the book about 5 years ago. It took me about 2 years to write it, I was working full time, writing Returned, getting married, buying my first home and working towards my degree. I then edited the book and this took a further two years. It has been a long time coming. I can’t wait for people to finally read it!

While writing how many times do you go back and rewrite a plot?
I try not to do this. I tend to read through the chapters as I go just to make sure they make sense. With Returned I knew what was going to happen in the majority of the plot, only the ending changed and that just came as I was writing. I was actually shocked as the events started unfolding., some were not part of the plan.

You run into a book store, where do you go first?
I would run to the YA section first. I love that section!

How many books in a month do you tend to read?
I’m known as the woman who reads a book a day. I do tend to demolish a book in a day; sometimes it goes over to two days depending on my writing schedule.

State 5 random facts about yourself.
1. I love Elvis Presley
2. I’m a massive country music fan
3. I put ground black pepper in most of my food ( in gravy, on toast, in soup)
4. I adore refreshers; they are a chewy sweet (candy) with fizzy powder inside.
5. My natural hair colour is strawberry blonde. (I’m now brown!)

Your favourite genre?

I couldn’t actually pick a genre. I love anything, supernatural, romance, gothic, crime. I will actually read any book.

What are you currently reading?
I’m reading three books at the moment. Beautiful Creatures by Kammi Garcia and Margaret Stohl; Hidden (House of Night series) and Lee Child’s third book in the Jack Reacher series.

What is the best book you’ve read?
Ooooh, I love books too much, I couldn’t possibly answer.

Any new projects coming up?
I have lots of new projects in the pipeline. I’m currently writing the second book in the Pendle Hill trilogy. I have also started a new otherworld book and also an adventure book aimed at boys.

Returned by Keeley Smith
Do you ever want to know what it would feel like to be able to kick someone’s butt with the flick of a finger? Read Returned and follow Cora as she comes to terms with her new identity as a very powerful witch. Her life is far from smooth riding and a past she didn’t know about unearths new problems in the form of Jack Thomas.

Dealing with Jack is the least of her worries. Cora must deal with a life or death situation, one that forces her to save those she has come to love. If she doesn’t she will lose everything. Is she willing to die to stop this from happening?

Author Bio

Keeley Smith is the author of Returned, a new and exciting young adult fantasy about witches. Cora Hunt is a witch, she's been a witch since 1612, since the day her mother was murdered in the infamous Pendle Hill witch trials. Now Cora must learn to control her new power, but with this new power comes danger. Is she strong enough to survive to threat that comes with being the new witch in the village?

Keeley lives in the UK with her husband and rabbit. She has a BA Hons in English Literature and Language from the Open University. When she isn't writing and spending time with her "book friends" she also loves to read and keep fit, by keeping fit she means picking up chocolate and placing it in her mouth, then repeating the process. It's a very good workout!

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