Monday, December 10, 2012

Guest Post: The Christian Alphabet by Tracy Sands

We are so excited about The Christian Alphabet Book! It is a very visual, interactive book that you don’t just read, you experience. We even have The Christian Alphabet Song that goes with the book. “Love” ~ the dove from above, is our guide through the book. “Love” represents the Holy Spirit. As you discover what each letter stands for (“A” is for Always, “B” is for Believe, “C” is for Christ…) then you also see the 100 Christian symbols used to create the Alphabet and the Bible verses that go with each letter. Each of the 26 basic Christian lessons has a prayer and an activity that reinforces the lesson.

We have been creating personalized Name prints in The Christian Alphabet for years, but now, with the book, we have all the unique letters, Bible verses, symbology, and important Christian lessons. If you want to teach someone or talk to someone about Jesus, this is a great way to have that conversation. Please visit to discover this different, unique way of sharing the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Tracy Sands is from Peachtree City, Georgia, where she lives with her husband, Albert, and their three sons, Chase, Gabe, and Adam. Tracy taught art and "church school" to all ages for many years. She now spends her time caring for her active family and working on The Christian Alphabet™.

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